Personal Data Policy (In accordance with GDPR)

By becoming a member of Silba, you give Silba – Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy consent to store and process the following of your personal data. The data will be stored in full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

- Full name
- Address
- Date of Birth
- Date of Sign up
- Phone number
- Email address
- Payment information
- Participation in future events

Furthermore, you give Silba consent to share the mentioned data with the Silba branch I signed up with and with Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd (DUF) in relation to our application for funding.

Membership of Silba gives you the right to sign up for our events in local branches, as well as applying for a spot on our EOMs and international projects.

Terms of trade:

A Silba membership runs for one year from the day of sign-up. After one year, you will be asked to re-register as a member.

As a member of Silba, you can attend a variety of academic and social activities in the local branches. You can find more information about your local branch under "Silba in Denmark". Internationally, Silba organises Election Observation Missions several times a year. As a member of Silba you have the possibility of being an international election observer. Since 2003 Silba has completed 51 EOMs in 17 countries. Furthermore, Silba offers you the possibility of attending international seminars and projects about key issues in our area of interest.

In addition every member must sympathise with our objectives and in general adhere to our Articles of Association, which can be found here:

Rights to withdraw from the transaction:

If you wish to terminate your membership in Silba or have other inquiries, you can write an email to



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